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Extended Shotgun Chokes

Evolution of the interchangeable extented shotgun choke system took another leap forward in 1959 when Winchester introduced its glass-barreled Model 59 shotgun with the Versalite choke system but several more decades would come and go before the idea became universally accepted by hunters. The eventual adoption of the interchangeable choke system by shotgun manufacturers increased the versatility of the old scattergun by leaps and bounds and it saved shotgunners a lot of money as well. No longer is it necessary to buy extra barrels in order to have different choices in chokes; today's guns come with a variety of screw-in chokes that extented and can be switched with a twist of the wrist.

The extented chokes has, to some degree, solved many problems for shotgunners. The first generation screw-in chokes are quite short. More recently, target shotguns are fitted with much longer screw-in choke tubes, or alternatively, shooters can use the excellent mandel chokes, which protrude past the gun’s muzzle but provide a much longer and gentler choke taper.

Again, the longer chokes are claimed to reduce recoil, as well as improving patterning as a result of less shot deformation.



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