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A shotgun choke being CNC machined
Mandel Shotgun Chokes in presentation box
Shotgun Choke and Shotgun Barrel Closeup
Man with shotgun using Mandel Shotgun Chokes
Shotgun Choke Background

After market shotgun chokes and extended shotgun chokes

Mandel Chokes are a leading UK supplier of after market shotgun chokes carefully designed and precision manufactured to fit many of the shotguns supplied by all of the leading manufacturers. Although our shotgun chokes are not endorsed by any of the manufacturers they are produced using similar materials to a high standard as viable alternatives to own brand shotgun chokes. The key difference is of course the price.

Why pay more for a branded choke when a Mandel Shotgun choke can give your shot the same kind of pattern and enable you to shoot to the same standard. When you buy a Mandel shotgun choke you save on cost without compromising on quality plus you get one extra choke for free when purchasing a set.

Shotgun chokes in storage case

"I recently bought a set of your Chokes and am very impressed, they actually pattern better than the stock Chokes. I have had several of my friends enquire to where I got them from at such a good price so I have printed off your home page and put it on the wall in my local gun club. So if you start getting a few orders in the Birmingham area you will know why. Thanks again for a great product at a great price."

We currently have shotgun chokes in stock for the following manufacturers

Our shotgun chokes use rings for quick visual identification

Shotgun choke set with identification markings